Material Themes

Our material themes are the most significant matters having the potential to considerably affect our commercial viability, our social relevance and our relationships with our key stakeholders in the short-, medium- or long-term. Expectations and concerns of our key stakeholders formulate our material matters, which are prioritised, condensed and consolidated in themes, then validated and evaluated.

Determining material themes provides a bigger picture of the risks and opportunities inherent in the business, and need to be effectively managed in relevance to our purpose, vision and strategy. We introduced this year the materiality determination process as a tool to facilitate integrated thinking. The process enables collection of views from strategic internal stakeholders at executive and board level, and concerns of external stakeholders.

Our material themes are represented below. The figure contains the 13 most relevant themes for the Group, as per their presented priority indicators.

Information collected within the Group
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Constant views from our employees on  our HCM platform
  • Quarterly stakeholder report prepared for the group’s board
  • Group risk workshops conducted with risk owners throughout the group
  • Internal events such as our annual Endof-Year Party & various team building activities
  • Views from our Welfare committee
  • Certification levels of our engineers
  • Individual Performance Assessment
Ongoing collection of views, expectations in relation to our operations and the Group in general
  • Annual CSAT, to collect complaints, concerns & expectations of our clients
  • SLA tracking platform to collect operational issues, concerns of our clients
  • External Audit
  • Requests, concerns and reports from our Partners/vendors
  • Issues raised by regulators such as the FSC and the BoM
  • Policy documents as issued by the BoI, FSC and the BoM
  • Reports and articles by industry experts
  • Road shows with sales networks
  • Meetings with representatives of NGOs