Relationship & Social Capital

We contribute to helping our local community and recognise that this is an integral part of our business sustainability. We also focus on building partnerships with global tech organisations and other structured engagement forums to effectively manage the risks associated with our business. Our relationships with our suppliers, customers, industry and regulatory bodies are equally important to our success. Our business activities have an impact on many aspects of society and we have strategies and systems in place that ensure that our relationships are managed effectively.

The Relationship and Social Capital that we have acquired over the last 10 years has allowed our new businesses to penetrate the new markets in less than one year. We are very careful to ensure that this penetration reinforces the overall Relationship and Social Capital of the Group so that we can all benefit.

Stocks of Capital

Customer Satisfaction

With intensifying competition and increasing customer expectations, customer satisfaction is a key aspect of how we manage expectations and ensuring mediumto long-term protection of our business. The Group is also considering Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score in an attempt to start tracking recommendation and Customer Lifetime Value.

Trusted Partner

In a business where most of our clients and their end user require high availability in view of the real-time nature of their business, we need to ensure that the value chain we are operating in is resilient and dependable. While choosing the relevant vendor is important, their trust in us is also a key part of the equation. We, therefore, need to ensure that this trusted partnership is strong at all levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When we started this adventure ten years ago, not only did most of us come from modest origins, but we also met with fierce competition from established operators. While our new subsidiary Ventures AA provides mentoring and incubation to young entrepreneurs and start-ups, the Group on its part provides funds to NGOs doing a formidable work in bringing support to disadvantaged children.

Highlights 2017

Achieved Customer Satisfaction of only 87%
Increase in the CSR and Social Inclusion funds
Recognition by PwC, Oracle and the IIRC

Targets 2018

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction to above 90%
  • Increase in the CSR and Social Inclusion spending
  • Development of new customers and verticals in Mauritius, Africa and Asia