Sanjeev Manrakhan
Interim CEO

[ FinTech / RegTech ]

Platforms – Applications – Consulting

NanoBNK offerings are in three areas:

Digital Banking as a Service that provides all the mobile and web platform that a banking partner might need, and Digital Wallet as a Service for banking or non-banking partners who would not like to use their Core banking or do not have access to one.

Fintech/RegTech Applications such as KYC/ AML, Micro-Finance, Cross Border transfers, Payment services and crypto-wallets.

Fintech Consulting Services in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Information Security. We also partner with financial institutions to help them along their digitisation journey, including providing expertise for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The trends in financial services industry such as global de-risking, fintech entrants and digital transformation have started a wave of disruption to Tier 2 and Tier 3 banks in Africa and Asia. These banks will need to develop strong partnerships with technology firms in order to meet these challenges.

We developed a unique business model whereby we engage in strategic partnerships with a banking or non-banking partner in each markets and provide Digital Banking as a Service, [from innovation, user experiences and engagement of the platform and applications] while the local partner handles the sales, marketing, legal and regulatory aspects of the business.

On the other hand, while the Global/Regional banks as well as independent Tier 1 banks can meet the Financial, Human, Intellectual and Technological Capital challenges, it is causing their cost-toincome ratio to rise quite significantly. As a result, some of the Tier 1 banks are now engaging with us to assist them in meeting these challenges while lowering their cost-to-income ratio.

Capitals Mix


Technological Capital is the most crucial one for us as by the end of 2018, most of our revenue will be generated by traffic managed by our automated platforms. Moreover, Intellectual and Digital Capital is also key and we grew this capital by leveraging on experts within the industry for our Solutions Architecture, Design, and Development of our platforms in-house. Financial capital is required by NanoBNK in its development phase but we expect the Company will become a key contributor to the Financial Capital. Human Capital is always an important one and we need to ensure that our people are fully engaged. The Relationship Capital has lower significance in the current Capitals mix due to the hybrid nature of the business model where the local partner is responsible for sales and marketing.

Our Team

Board of Directors


KITTEN Marc [28.08.2017]

Management Team & Senior Executives

Interim CEO

Sanjeev studied “Economics and Applied Business Statistics” at the University of Cape Town and specialised in Services Marketing. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in “Telecom” from Bailbrook College in Bristol, UK before completing his MBA in “Information Strategy” at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. He held managerial position at Mauritius Telecom before joining Gemalto in 2000 as Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2008, he was appointed as Senior Advisor to the President of Huawei SSA. He is the Founder of Anglo African Group.

Chief Technology Officer

Venkatesh (Venky) holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications and is a technologist. He has over 25 years of experience in new product creation including products related to Banking, Analytics and AI. He has worked with customers globally on various technology topics, and has helped them use technology to solve significant business problems. He was the Head of Product Management at Infosys (Finacle) for Banking, and the Head of Product for Analytics at SAP Labs India prior to joining NanoBNK.

Chief Operating Officer

Jessen holds a degree in Software Engineering and is an Oracle Technology Support specialist, Oracle certified Associate and Oracle HRMS Certified Implementation Specialist. He has over 11 years’ experience in the delivery, research and development side having intervened on a number of large sites in Mauritius in the Banking and Telco environment on different platforms such as Java, Databases, Oracle (Custom Development, Oracle BI, Content Management, and ERP), Mobile and Web Development.

MUSLIM Muhamad Zaheeb
Solutions Architect – Fintech

Zaheeb holds a degree certificate from University of Bangalore and also Certifications from formerly Sun Microsystems, now Oracle and the NIIT (the National Institute of Information Technology based in Bangalore, India). He is an experienced Java with over 9 years experience. He has held various positions at multi-national companies and worked for major clients based in Europe, America and Africa.

TURNBULL Robert Issa
Solutions Architect – Fintech

Robert holds a First Class (Honours) BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, and MSc in Project Management with Distinction. He has 8 years’ experience in the Java ecosystem and is both an Oracle Certified Java Programmer and Spring Framework Certified. He has worked in various industries such as Logistics and Telecommunications and is now currently in Fintech.

Solutions Architect – Mobile Banking

Sendy holds a First Class with Distinction BEng in Electronics and Communication. He has 10 years experience in Java programming and is an Oracle Certified Java Programmer. He has worked in various industries such as Retail ERP, Ecommerce, Logistics and Telecommunications and has broad expertise in these domains.

No Poverty

Our Fintech Platforms and application ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to appropriate new technology and financial services, including micro-finance. The actual design of the system was based on the quest for Financial Inclusion vs Financial Access.

Gender Equality

Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making of the company including equal pay for equal work. In addition, in all our implementations and training, women are given the same opportunity.

Decent work & Economic Growth

We promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, intrapreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalisation of initiatives internally through basic remuneration as well as profit sharing.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

We upgrade the technological capabilities of Financial services sectors in the countries where we operate, including encouraging innovation and increasing the number of R&D workers.

Reduced Inequalities

Our plan is to reduce to less than 3 per cent the transaction costs of migrant remittances and eliminate remittance corridors with costs higher than 5 per cent.